The story of the Highlander

Monday, October 31, 2011 — Brussels, 31 October 2011 – Today, FAMOUS and William Lawson’s are launching their new campaign in which the saga of the Highlander continues. Both were awarded a Grand Effie earlier this year for the previous Highlander campaigns, which meant that the bar was very high this year. Compared to previous editions, the focus this year is not just on the physical aspect of the hunky, virile Highlanders. FAMOUS takes it one step further and gives the viewers an insight into real masculine life of the William Lawson’s Highlander and what goes on in his mind. A way of life modern-day man can only dream of …

1,2,3 … action

The campaign will be released on Monday 31 October in both movie theatres and on TV and is made up of two scripts for the time being:

  • “Tree&Deer” Men are unable to multitask? Think again! The real Highlander can quite happily chop wood and hunt at the same time.
  • “Choices” is about the importance of being able to choose in life and what’s more, sometimes it’s better not to choose at all.

The saga continues

Iwein Vandevyver, creative member of staff at FAMOUS: "The previous campaigns have put the Highlander on the map, there is no doubt about that. But we have tried to add to this very physical character another, more mental, dimension. The Highlander is much more than a toned body; he also has his own very distinct look on things. Director Koen Mortier has captured this no-rules attitude very well … too well at times (laughs)."

Tom Jacobs, creative member of staff at Famous adds the following:

"Yes, of course it was quite a challenge to continue this William Lawson’s saga consistently without becoming too predictable. In order to develop his personality, we have decided to add a commentary in a Scottish accent, which opened up new possibilities."

The Same Rules

Just like the previous campaigns, this second chapter in the history of the William Lawson’s Highlanders forms part of one of the brand’s long-term projects, whereby FAMOUS has consistently managed to stick to the previously determined strategy. Moreover, the advertising agency has managed to give the brand and extra ‘no-rules’ image, which is also the brand’s slogan. The previous campaign enjoyed huge success and was awarded a Grand Effie in June this year. This is an exceptional prize which is only awarded to long-term campaigns which excel in terms of consistency and efficiency.


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Willam Lawson's - Choices - FR

Willam Lawson's - Tree and deer - FR

Tree and Deer
Tree and Deer
Tree and Deer