The next step in electrified driving, Volvo offers green energy contract for your house.

A survey conducted by Volvo Cars Belgium shows that 56% of drivers of electrified cars are not aware of the origin of their electricity. 12% even admit that they charge their car with grey energy. In answer to this discrepancy, FamousGrey came up with the idea of Volts by Volvo, a green energy contract for your house, enabling you to charge your car with green energy. With Volts by Volvo, car manufacturer Volvo extends its services from producing electrified cars to offering a green energy contract to charge those cars. Because what’s the point in driving electrified, when your energy isn’t clean?

Charge clean, drive cleaner

Volts by Volvo was launched at the opening of the Brussels Motorshow. It is part of Volvo’s broader view on driving electrified. Volts by Volvo will be the most competitive green energy contract for your house on the market, offering energy coming from both wind energy and solar energy. For now, Volts by Volvo is only available in Belgium, where Volvo offers the energy contract and green energy expert Eneco is the provider.

The goal of Volts by Volvo is to stimulate drivers of electric and plug-in hybrid cars to charge their car without leaving an impact on the environment.

Extra touchpoints to reach a great audience

Next to the kick-off press conference at the Brussels Motorshow, the campaign will surely be spread through online media. Consumers will be able to find more information about the activation on the website and via the communication channels of Eneco. In addition, the Volts by Volvo campaign will be visible on all social media channels of Volvo, due to a smart digital plan and a retargeting strategy. These extra touchpoints will make sure that a maximum number of Belgians register for a green energy contract.

Volvo climate-neutral by 2025

The Volts by Volvo campaign is part of the ambitious international climate goals that Volvo Cars wants to achieve by 2025. By that time, the car maker wants to be completely climate neutral in all its industrial processes. The company has already taken many steps in this direction. The Volvo factory in Ghent has been producing green electricity via hydroelectric power stations since 2008. Since 2010, part of the electricity production has been generated by wind turbines on site. In 2016, Volvo Car Gent and Stora Enso Langerbrugge opened their underground heat grid, an action that reduced the factory's CO2 consumption by 40%. Together with Eneco, Volvo Car Gent started in 2018 with the installation of 15,000 solar panels on the factory buildings. The panels produce 5.4% of the total annual electricity consumption. Volvo employees can enjoy the return.


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