Grey Paris becomes FamousGrey Paris and begins close collaboration with Belgian affiliate

Paris-based agency changes name, forming powerful European cluster together with FamousGrey Brussels with Marc Fauconnier at the helm

The advertising network, Grey reaffirms its intention to form a strategic cluster in France by becoming FamousGrey Paris. The move makes reference to the agency’s Belgian origins while reflecting its ambition to translate the FamousGrey culture to the French context. The beginnings of a fruitful collaboration between two agencies that will soon share a great deal more than just a name. 

A new cluster of competencies

Co-founded by Marc Fauconnier 20 years ago, the agency Famous was one of the largest independent agencies in Belgium. Joining the Grey network 1 year ago, FamousGrey Brussels brought with it wide-ranging expertise in print, TV, radio and digital as well as mobile, CRM and PR.

The Grey group, in turn, with its 5,000 employees and partners in 96 countries, has forged a reputation for highly relevant expertise, resulting in the creation of effective communication platforms for its clients.

FamousGrey Paris currently boasts a portfolio that includes such clients as Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, HSBC, Atout France and Lego. This collaboration between the two agencies will enable FamousGrey to represent a powerful cluster on the European market with a common philosophy and corporate culture.

"The collaboration between Brussels and Paris responds to the growing demand from international advertisers for strategic and creative cross-border solutions. An ideal combination to meet the new business challenges of our international clients," explains Marc Fauconnier, CEO FamousGrey.


Talented Franco-Belgian duo to take the lead

Calling on the resources of the entire Grey network as well as the support of CEO, Marc Fauconnier, FamousGrey Paris has nevertheless formed two new positions for the general management and creative direction of the agency.

Géraldine Carlioz, who will become Managing Director, aims to bring a new élan to the agency while still maintaining continuity: "In essence? To both preserve and enrich the network’s culture while providing daily support for my teams. In so doing, our aim is to put FamousGrey Paris back on the map for French and international advertisers."

And to get things off to a flying start, FamousGrey Paris also announces the arrival of the renowned creative duo Romain Repellin and Régis Boulanger as the agency’s new creative directors. Their joint creations have been the subject of numerous awards at Cannes and Eurobest in recent years. 

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Liedewij Verbiest Famousgrey
Liedewij Verbiest Famousgrey
About FamousGrey

FamousGrey was founded in 1997 as an independent agency. In 2016 it became part of the Grey Group, one of the world’s most innovative and creative advertising networks. Under the motto, Famously Effective, the agency not only aims to build its clients’ brands but also their business, via creative, result-driven campaigns. All of which takes place thanks to the dedication of 80 employees, including specialists in every discipline of relevance to today’s advertiser. Many of these specialisations have since grown into genuine expert hubs, such as FamousGrey Performance, FamousGrey Digital, Famous Relations, FamousGrey Productions and Buyerminds Brussels.

FamousGrey creates campaigns for national and international companies such as Proximus, the Belgian Railways (SNCB/NMBS), Volvo, Hyundai, Alken-Maes, IGLO and Visit Brussels.

FamousGrey’s offices are located in a former 18th century monastery on the outdskirts of Brussels.

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