FamousGrey wins 2 GOLD PENCILS at The One Show with Remumber and Klarafy!

FamousGrey received no fewer than 2 awards at last Friday’s prestigious One Show Awards. Remumber and Klarafy, the already widely lauded campaigns for Missing Children Europe and Klara, were good for two Gold Pencils!

The One Show is one of the most prestigious award competitions in advertising, design and interactive and branded entertainment and is held every year in New York. The event attracts more than 20,000 submissions every year.

The jury awarded the innovative “Klarafy” tool with gold in the Innovation in Radio category. Klarafy can best be described as the technological equivalent of a classical music connoisseur who plies through your record collection and makes recommendations based on your individual taste in music. The mechanism is simple: you visit www.klarafy.be and connect with your Spotify account and on the basis of that Spotify playlist with all your favourite songs, Klarify looks for classical music that comes closest to your selection. In other words, Klarafy lets you discover classical music in the most personal way possible: by using your own taste in music as a compass.

Remumber, in turn, was good for a Gold Pencil in the UX/UI Utility category. Remumber is an innovative app that helps children remember their parents’ phone number. Because despite the fact that today’s generation grew up with the smartphone, very few of them actually know their parents’ phone number by heart. And yet, this can be a critical factor if, for example, the child gets lost. So they can contact their parents quickly at the earliest opportunity. Remumber replaces their mobile phone’s random device lock codes with the telephone number of one of their parents. To help them learn this important telephone number off by heart, step by step, by repeatedly entering the number several times a day.

In all, FamousGrey was nominated no fewer than 5 times in several different categories. Klarafy was, namely, nominated a second time in the Interactive category while L’Echo-De Tijd’s #diningforbrussels campaign also received two nominations in the Public Relations and Social Media categories.

About FamousGrey

FamousGrey was founded in 1997 as an independent agency. In 2016 it became part of the Grey Group, one of the world’s most innovative and creative advertising networks. Under the motto, Famously Effective, the agency not only aims to build its clients’ brands but also their business, via creative, result-driven campaigns. All of which takes place thanks to the dedication of 80 employees, including specialists in every discipline of relevance to today’s advertiser. Many of these specialisations have since grown into genuine expert hubs, such as FamousGrey Performance, FamousGrey Digital, Famous Relations, FamousGrey Productions and Buyerminds Brussels.

FamousGrey creates campaigns for national and international companies such as Proximus, the Belgian Railways (SNCB/NMBS), Volvo, Hyundai, Alken-Maes, IGLO and Visit Brussels.

FamousGrey’s offices are located in a former 18th century monastery on the outdskirts of Brussels.

For more information, visit www.famousgrey.com 

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