FamousGrey launches Ketnet Dub

A new and fun way to learn to read

Monday, March 6, 2017 — Learning to read doesn’t come as easy to every child. Reading out loud, however, has been shown to be an effective method for making it both easier and more fun. So FamousGrey and Ketnet thought about how to get kids more interested and created Ketnet DUB, an interactive reading app that gives kids the chance to become the voice of a character in an animated movie. Ketnet DUB is designed specifically for tablet, the best medium for reaching today’s generation of children. 

Learning to read becomes child’s play with innovative app

Reading out loud helps children learn to read. Which is why the Flemish public children’s television channel Ketnet and FamousGrey came up with a creative way of making reading out loud more fun. Ketnet DUB is a unique app with several interactive, animated films for which kids aged 6 to 9 can record their own voice.

How does it work?

Children first choose a character depending on their own reading skills. The better their reading skills, the more complex the words will be. So, the reading levels ensure an appropriate degree of difficulty adapted to the user. Which means the app also evolves with each child who uses it.

At various points during the animated movie, the audio drops out, signalling the child to read the text him/herself. The text is displayed at the bottom of the screen and the child’s voice is recorded using their tablet’s built-in microphone. The voice is added to the film and saved so the child can immediately watch or share their personalised film. Children can rerecord the passage as often as they like, try another episode or choose a different reading level.

The film’s animations were created by illustrator and animator Mark Borgions. For the development of this innovative app, FamousGrey worked together with 4219Grey in Turkey.

Gregory Roekens, Future Technology Officer at Grey: “As with all great ideas, what I particularly love about this one is its simplicity. Who knew it would be that simple to dub cartoons. No need for state of the art microphones or complex editing software. Just open the app on a tablet or smartphone and read out loud, the app does the rest. Magic, Fun and Educational.

Ketnet Dub (ENG)

Anne-Cécile Collignon PR Manager at FamousGrey