FAMOUS Brussels responds to Missing Children Europe’s call

Thursday, June 4, 2015 — FAMOUS Brussels has announced a new collaboration with Missing Children Europe. After the NotFound project that had received international success, the creative agency returns with an emotional campaign. The goal? To raise awareness of the European hotline for missing children. The campaign is built around different radio spots depicting telephone calls to the 116 000. In different foreign languages, they make it clear that, whatever the country, the emotion is the same when a child goes missing.

Those who call the 116 000 hotline are usually in a situation of distress. The circumstances of the calls are different but the emotion is the same whether you are Italian, French or Belgian.

To raise awareness of the European hotline for missing children, FAMOUS Brussels and Missing Children Europe have set up a poignant radio campaign. It includes three spots evoking the different situations dealt with by the 116 000 hotline. It includes a German mother panicking after losing her child in a crowd, a Spanish father in tears when he realizes that his wife has left the country with her daughter as well as a young French woman terrified at the thought of going home. Each spot is in a different language, followed by a English voiceover closing the message: "Whichever the country, the emotion is the same when you lose a child. The same emotion, the same number: 116 000. A single number across Europe."

Katrien bottez, Creative Director at FAMOUS Brussels: "Creating spots in foreign languages allow us to emphasize the European dimension of the 116 000 hotline. No need to speak Spanish, German or English to understand the dialogues. The emotion alone gets the message across."

The campaign takes place within the framework of International Missing Children's Day on May 25. It is broadcast on NRJ, MNM, StuBru and radios Medialaan (JOE FM and Q-Music). A second wave will be broadcasted on Nostalgie.

Delphine Moralis, Secretary General of Missing Children Europe: “The 116 000 hotline’s mission is to listen and offer support in case of disappearance of a child. The first hours after a child’s disappearance are of vital importance. Therefore the provision of an “easy-to-remember” telephone number available in 29 European countries is very important in order to allow immediate action by the competent authorities. Through these radio spots we want to convey a true and moving message. We hope others will respond favourably to this campaign and decide to broadcast it as well.”

Anne-Cécile Collignon Famous