Eristoff Red launches a virtual challenge in the buildings of Gent’s Sint-Pietersplein

Thursday, December 13, 2012 — Win VIP tickets for I Love Techno festival

Eristoff knows just how to challenge its Nightwolves, as it recently demonstrated when the last tickets for Tomorrowland were thrown from a hot-air balloon! With the I Love Techno festival lurking around the corner, Eristoff goes even further, and re-launches its Nightwolves using an unprecedented 3D action. This 25 October on Gent’s Saint-Pierre Place, Eristoff Red will offer VIP tickets for the 18th edition of the I Love Techno party.

To win one of the prizes, Eristoff invites walkers-by to participate to the 3D game projected on the regal building of Gent’s Sint-Amandsstraat, near the Sint-Pietersplein


  • 1 VIP ticket for I Love Techno with one hotel night for 3 persons
  • 4 VIP tickets for I Love Techno, each valid for 3
  • Free bottles of Eristoff Red

Eristoff Red - Win tickets for I Love Techno