Drunk Belgian top gamer crashes car

Drunk Belgian top gamer crashes car

Brussels, 20 December 2013 – “No problem, I am still totally capable of driving”. Or “I didn’t have that much to drink.” Typical excuses after a night out. That is why Responsible Young Drivers are launching only a few days before Christmas a viral movie that shows the impact of alcohol on your driving behaviour. The name of the campaign: “You can’t restart life. Don’t drink and drive.” In the movie they test the effect of alcohol on the driving behaviour of a Belgian top gamer, in the most realistic driving simulator of the moment: Gran Turismo 6.

Gran Turismo 6

On December 6, Gran Turismo 6 was launched: the most realistic driving- and race simulator in the world. This is a very popular game with more that 1.5 million online gamers per day. Gamers have the habit to post movies online of their best performances. Responsible Young Drivers is now also posting a movie, starring the best Belgian Gran Turismo pilot: Amo_Racing87.

With Amo_Racing87 we have a Belgian that is in the world top of online gaming. He has competed in different official online championships of Gran Turismo. In 2010, 2012 and 2013, hij was the best Belgian pilot and the only one that was allowed to compete in the Gran Turismo Academy, the world championship for the best pilots. He came in 3rd in 2012.

The concept

Aim of the movie is to test the effect of alcohol on Amo_Racing87’s driving skills. In order to make this happen, the gamer was asked to consume a large amount of alcohol, under the surveillance of a doctor. The effect soon became clear: the car became difficult to handle and Amo-Racing87 had to restart the game several times in order to get into a good position. He finally crashes. That is when the following message appears:

                                          “You can’t restart life, don’t drink and drive”

“To make sure this test was as realistic as possible, we did get him drunk”, says Tim Driesen, Creative Director at advertising agency Famous, responsible for the production of the campaign. “There wasn’t any acting involved – we were stunned to see that alcohol could even affect the virtual driving behaviour of a trained gamer. It totally reminded us that alcohol and driving don’t mix.”


"We want youngsters to realise you cannot drink and drive, “ says Johan Chiers, spokesperson at Responsible Young Drivers. “The best way to reach them nowadays is via social media, and that is why we’ve created this unique video.”

The movie can be watched on YouTube via the following link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6kUKG6RP5k&feature=youtu.be

For more info on the activities of Responsible Young Drivers, go to www.responsibleyoungdrivers.be


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Client: Responsible Yound Drivers

Client contact: Johan Chiers

Agency: Famous

Creative Director: Tim Driesen

Associate Creative Director: Iwein Vandevyver

Digital Creative Director: Laurent Dochy

Creative Team: Ruben de Praetere & Yves van Hacht

RTV Producer: René Vermeulen

Production company: Geronimo

Producer: Jasper Moeyaert / Mathias Kerner

Directors: Henri & Fidel

DOP: Piet Deyaert

Project Leader: Miet Lust

PR: Kathy Van Looy, Anne-Cécile Collignon

Social Strategy: Klaas Willaert


About Responsible Young Drivers

The active volunteers of Responsible Young Drivers, all between 17 and 29 years old, organise trainings in schools, voluntary alcohol checks in nightclubs, crashtests and other campaigns to educate youngsters about the danger of alcohol and driving.




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