Campari adds art to the Aperitif moment

Campari adds art to the Aperitif moment

Collab with artists transforms coasters into photofilters

Brussels - Art has always been in an integral part of Campari’s history. Today Campari translates this heritage into a collection of unique coasters, designed by the creative agency FamousGrey and developed in collaboration with World Press Photo Winner Sanne De Wilde and visual artist Athos Burez. These transparent coasters can be used as filters for smartphone cameras. This makes it possible to capture Campari moments in a unique, stylish and high-quality manner, fully in line with the brand’s universe. A clever way for Campari to celebrate its artistic heritage in a contemporary way and claim the Aperitif moment.

Coasters shed new light on the Aperitif moment

At a time when even smartphones have their place at the table, Campari has developed an exclusive collection of four designer coasters that can also be used as photofilters. The designs of the Campari Filters are created together with World Press Photo Winner Sanne De Wilde and visual artist Athos Burez and are based on projects of theirs, where light and colours have played a crucial role. The outcome is red and blue tinted works of art with endless possibilities for creating photos. The slightest movement or change in light intensity gives a different, but equally special result.

 “When developing these coasters, we wanted everyone to be able to easily choose the effects and colours that appealed to them.” Sanne De Wilde
 “The filters we developed in our present collaboration are very different to Instagram filters, with each photo ultimately looking the same. On the other hand, these filters allow everyone to create their own universe with a ​​unique atmosphere that combines different shades and perspectives.” Athos Burez.

4 coasters, 4 pieces of art

It is not only the design of the coasters that has been thought through by two renowned artists. The coasters themselves are also a piece of art. It was a real challenge to give the filters the exact shades of red and blue and to get their intensity right. The translucent filter inks that were used, are only available in four basic colours. In order to achieve the precise hue, the colours needed to be mixed with non-transparent white ink. The art was in finding the perfect balance between colour intensity and transparency. The material of the coasters has also been carefully selected. The chosen plexi ensures that the filter inks flourish in perfect harmony.

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Launched in Brussels Art Gallery

The Campari Filters were officially presented in the Brussels art gallery Vanhaerents Art Collection, in the presence of 30 selected Belgian photographers.

It was great to see all those photographers experimenting with the filters,” recalls Sanne, “because the graphics of the filters are based on our own photos, and now they were being used to create new photos.

Limited edition

Don’t start to order the Campari filters yet. For now they are only available in Belgium, where Campari and art lovers can order them on

Credits FamousGrey:

  • Client : Campari
  • Contacts : Tihana Rapic, Damien Laloux
  • Agency: FamousGrey
  • Creative Director: Peter Ampe
  • Creative team : Jochem Van Schip, Matthias Wentink, Aldjia Bessalah
  • Designer : Aldjia Bessalah, Matthias Wentink, Anouk Kimplaire, Anne-Sophie Tonnelier
  • Digital creative : Tom Galle
  • Client Service Director: Catherine De Block
  • Account Manager : Caroline Ropsy, Olivia Naudts
  • Strategic Director: Jonathan Detavernier
  • Connection Planner : Floris Adriaenssens
  • Digital Project Manager : Florian Hoffreumon
  • Experience Director : Maarten Breda
  • Web designer : Sacha Lempereur
  • Developer : Arno Van Biesen
  • Production Director: Emily Rammant
  • Producer:  Marlies Neudt, Charlotte Bodson
  • Print producer : Marja Donkers, Christ Lannoy
  • PR manager : Kathy Van Looy, Justine Parys, Evy Vanderwaeven
  • Visual Artists : Sanne De Wilde, Athos Burez
  • Production company: Bounce Rocks
  • Director: Burp
  • Postproduction: Moxy & Famousgrey Productions

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